Interview with Linsay from Weigh Out Wander!

I was so excited to conduct this interview with Linsay from Weigh Out Wander! Linsay is a world traveler, blogger, freelance cellist, and self-described master of plus-size living. Hers is one of my favorite travel accounts on Instagram, so when she approached me to do this collaboration, I couldn’t wait!

Be sure to check out her blog for insights on all the struggles and joys of being a big, beautiful plus-size traveler. And now, for her amazing interview:

Staying Body Positive Through the Holidays

The holidays are a fun, festive time of joyous celebration, but they can also be difficult for a lot of reasons. Whether you’re facing this season without a loved one, dealing with difficult relatives, or dreading the busy work that comes with prepping a Christmas dinner, the holiday season can make many people anxious.

If you exist in a larger body, much of that anxiety can stem from comments you know will come up during family get-togethers. “Are you sure you want to eat that?” “Cousin Susan has gained so much weight this year!” “Do you really need a second slice of pie?”

Those comments are hurtful, and hard to avoid. So, what can you do to make your holiday gatherings more cheer and less jeer?

Interview with Kathryn O'Halloran

Thanks to the power of Instagram, I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with numerous travelers from across the world, many of them plus size and/or body positive. It’s a wonderful platform for sharing photographs and supporting one another through our shared interests. Kathryn O’Halloran is one such traveler.

A globe-trotting romance writer, Kathryn has traveled for years and now considers herself a digital nomad, making a living from her fiction. After reading her interview below, I highly recommend you check her out. She’s well worth following!

4 Ways to Deal with Travel-Jealous Friends

I recently had the misfortune of staring travel envy in the face, and it wasn’t pretty.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve probably experienced it to some degree. You announce your travel plans for the umpteenth time and a friend scowls in jealousy, sometimes with a hurtful comment to go along with it.

I’ve read a lot of travel blogs describing the phenomenon of travel + losing friends, but I didn’t think anything like that would happen to me.

Best Laid Plans

My last blog post in April announced our highly anticipated trip to the Riviera Maya. While I had planned on blogging while there to detail our trip (and I even wrote the first draft of a post from Mexico), things didn’t quite go as expected.

Unfortunately, the hubby and I got deathly ill shortly after we arrived. Okay, maybe not deathly ill, but it sure seemed like it.