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Bath, Stonehenge, and a Secret Place - Part 1

Now that I’m back home and (mostly) recovered from the trip, I’ll start blogging in more detail about our experiences in England. If you read my last post that summarized our week in London, you’ll know that we were headed on a tour to Bath and Stonehenge, so that’s where this post will pick up!

When I was planning our trip, I researched for several weeks and mulled over every little detail before making any decision (I guess I’m a true Capricorn, after all). Ty really wanted to spend a day in the English countryside, and Brandon was pretty much up for anything we decided to do, so finding a good tour company became a priority. There are quite a few tour groups from London to Bath and Stonehenge, and most of these larger coach tours also throw in Windsor Castle. That seemed like a lot to squeeze into a single day. Windsor alone would take half a day to fully enjoy.

The London Experience

There’s one thing I didn’t anticipate when coming up with the ambitious idea that I would update this blog daily during our London trip: how exhausting sightseeing can be!

London is an incredibly easy city to navigate with the well-planned Tube lines – so much so that I wish I lived and worked here just for the convenience – but I can’t even imagine how many miles we’ve walked since our arrival. Those trusty Skechers I raved about in my review weren’t meant to handle this amount of abuse, but at least I’ve slept like a rock every night. :)

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Traveling overseas seemed like an unattainable dream. I talked about it, but it was just another one in a long list of things I’d only do if I lost weight. At least that’s what I always told myself.

To clarify, I've never not traveled. Quite a chunk of my childhood was spent sitting in the backseat of the car playing travel games with my brother as my daddy drove us north on I-75 to Michigan to visit my mama's family. I still have a rock I collected in Canada the day we crossed the border, just so we could say we’d been to another country. Other family vacations consisted of week-long getaways in the Great Smoky Mountains or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We were always going somewhere as I was growing up, and for that, I was grateful.