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SKECHERS GOwalk 3 Review

SKECHERS GOwalk 3 Review

UPDATE: After wearing these shoes in London and putting them to the test, I can no longer recommend them for travel. They just couldn't hold up to the amount of walking I was doing and I ended up with excruciating foot pain. I've also talked with another plus-size traveler who had the same experience when traveling with these shoes. So, I still say they are great for everyday wear but definitely NOT for travel destinations that require a ton of walking. I'll leave the review up to show my initial impressions, but wear them at your own risk if you plan on pounding the pavement for hours upon end.

A big reason for starting this blog, aside from wanting to share my travel experiences, was to provide reviews of the various travel essentials I've personally used or will be using in upcoming adventures. As a bigger girl, it can be harder to find comfortable, travel-appropriate clothing and footwear that’s also stylish and makes you feel confident. I've said before that I’m no fashionista, but I at least like to look put together even if I’m opting for comfy ensembles. Since my trip to London will require a lot of walking (I leave NEXT WEEK, by the way!!!!), I was on a quest to find the perfect pair of walking shoes.

I should note that I have knee and ankle issues going back to my childhood that can be worsened by poorly constructed shoes.

My whole right leg seems to be my Achilles heel, so to speak – I had surgery on that knee in 7th grade and it likes to act up every once in a while with weather changes or overexertion (to give an example, I recently banged it up when trying to jog for five seconds instead of sticking to my usual power walk), and my right ankle has also been weak since middle school when I sprained it really bad . . . and then repeatedly sprained it nearly every year until high school graduation. It still sprains out of blue today, sometimes just from walking or standing wrong.

Yes, I have the ability to sprain my ankle when standing still. 

Let’s just say I've gone through a lot of shoes trying to remedy these problems, and most fall short.


I read about SKECHERS GOwalk 3 after spending countless hours researching comfortable travel shoes. Now, I’ll admit, I haven’t been a fan of SKECHERS in the past, but my experiences with them haven’t been in their athletic/active shoe departments. I remember having a pair of grunge-inspired SKECHERS in high school and a similar pair a few years later that I ended up giving to my mom because the soles were super hard. She even made the same observation.

Even though I’d pretty much written off SKECHERS years ago, reviews were overly positive for the GOwalk 3s, so I figured I’d give them a try.

The Bad

I purchased my GOwalk 3s at a SKECHERS outlet so I could try them on before committing to them, but you can order any of the styles and colors on Amazon. While they had endless stacks of GOwalk 3s and similar walking/running shoes, I found a total of two shoes in my size. Actually, scratch that – none were in my size. I ended up having to buy a size bigger than I’d normally wear because SKECHERS doesn't make GOwalks in half sizes beyond size 10. Normally I can wear size 11s in other shoes, but in the GOwalk 3s, I really needed a 10.5. They don’t exist.

The two GOwalk 3 shoes the store had in a women’s size 11 were a neon turquoise and basic black, which made me sad. I really wanted the cute heather gray pair, but no such luck. Since I’ll be wearing these as my main walking shoes in London, a crazy blue color was out of the question because I need my shoes to actually match the majority of the outfits I’ll be taking – so I tried on the boring black.

The color I really wanted, photo courtesy of the  SKECHERS website .

The color I really wanted, photo courtesy of the SKECHERS website.

I was a little discouraged with how easily my heels kept slipping out when I tried them on, so I had to be mindful of that and adjust my walk, which has been fine so far (I've had them for three weeks now, and don’t even notice it anymore). While they’re designed to be worn without socks, I've found that my feet start to feel hot after a few hours and socks make them extra comfy, plus the socks help provide a better fit. Just be sure you’re wearing bootcut or flared jeans, or else you’ll look silly.

The Good

I love these shoes! Yes, I wish the store had had a larger selection of size 11s, but black goes with anything, right?

I've been impressed and surprised with the amount of support the GOwalk 3s offer. They’re super light and provide great heel and arch support, which is something I desperately need. The pink insole reminds me of a gel insert, but better. It’s also obvious that these shoes are designed to be durable, so I’m hoping they’ll last for years.

In fact, I love them so much that I haven’t worn my favorite flip flops since I bought these, and that’s saying a lot for me! I’m already planning to order the gray ones after we get back from the trip, and I can easily see myself collecting more.

The Verdict

I highly recommend these shoes! Whether you work on your feet all day, need a solid workout shoe, or have ankle/knee/heel issues you can’t seem to correct with any other pair of shoes, give these a try. They cost about as much as any other decent pair of sneakers, but they’re the only ones I've ever gotten excited about. Because of that, I’d say these are definitely a must-have for any traveler. 

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