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5 Tips for Running a Business as a Full-Time Traveler

5 Tips for Running a Business as a Full-Time Traveler

Guest Post by Lauren Wiseman

Mere years ago, the idea of carrying your career in your laptop was not just impractical, but ridiculed. And yet, here we are, living the dream! Working remotely is not all rainbows and unicorns, of course, especially when you’re stuck at an airport with an eerily close deadline for a VIP client, or wondering if your computer will ever connect to a cafe’s Wi-Fi.

But we somehow make it work. We live to tell the tale of how our business-on-the-go flourishes despite any setbacks we may come across.

Here are the five tips you can use to kick-start your own nomadic lifestyle while you build your lucrative career!

Create a Routine

Image via  Pexels

Image via Pexels

This may be a “duh” moment for some, but what you may perceive as a routine may not hold water in the vastness of your travel itinerary. On the contrary, every fiber of your being will try to pull you away from being stuck at your computer. You’ll always want to explore new nooks and admire the fresh vistas of your desired destinations, but this is precisely where your willpower must prevail. Remember, your ability to enjoy a life of travel depends on your ability to persevere.

Define your work hours for each day, week, and month ahead. List your daily tasks, chores, and work assignments so that you can allocate an appropriate amount of time to wrap them up. And, once you do have a schedule, do your absolute best to stick to it! If you’re able to limit the amount of time you spend replying to emails, you’ll save hours of your day for other endeavors.

Travel Where the Wi-Fi Takes You

This one also seems like a no-brainer, yet so many of us are swept up by the sheer excitement of travel to the point that ensuring the Wi-Fi connections at our upcoming resort, hotel, hostel, or apartment are optimal — or even existent, for that matter. For example, many Greek islands have postcard-worthy luxury villas, but few can pride themselves on a perfect Wi-Fi connection.

Do your homework. Talk to people who’ve been there and preferably done some work at your destination. It’s important to talk to fellow digital nomads rather than leisure travelers because maintaining a Skype call is vastly different from posting Instagram images.

Stay Efficient

If you’re lucky enough to love every aspect of your chosen career, then by all means, complete every task on your own. However, for the sake of greater efficiency, consider using a coworking space that will inspire you to stay focused on your job. Another benefit of coworking is that it allows you to devote all your free time to nonwork escapades.

On the other hand, if you hate dealing with menial tasks, why not outsource them to a freelancer? Delegating frees up more of your time for exploration and advancing the more important aspects of your online business.

Strive to Find Balance

Maintaining a schedule and routine is the most relevant step in building this elusive notion of balance. In addition to the many perks of being your own boss, there’s also the key responsibility of imposing boundaries on yourself when it comes to work and play. Although you don’t need to confine yourself to an office for days on end when you travel, you should still create a schedule that gives you ample time for rest, profit, and play.

In fact, adding structure to your time off will allow you to enjoy your free time even more. Do some research before you head to a new city and create a flexible schedule that allows you to discover new spots during nonwork hours. That way, you won’t leave a certain area thinking there was so much more you could have done if you had planned it better – you’ll nip those regrets in the bud!

Diversify Your Income

Finally, if your business is still in its early stages, you have too much free time, or you don’t think you’re making as much money as you’d like, consider applying for more work. Diversifying your income can help you finance your own professional plans, such as delegating work to an agency or renting a part-time office space. More income will also give you more independence while you’re on the go.

You might even consider local jobs such as housesitting, pet sitting, or child care. Online jobs such as teaching English, copywriting, and programming are always in high demand, and you can choose the amount of work you can accept while you develop your own business.

Running a business as a full-time traveler may not be the simplest way to earn a living, but it’s by far one of the most rewarding. The adventure of exploring the world while you work is a dream-come-true, so put some effort into planning how you’ll bring those dreams to life. You’ll enjoy the work and the travel even more!

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