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Essential Plus-Size Packing Tips

Essential Plus-Size Packing Tips

Plus-size ladies can often find it more difficult to travel than most. The plane seats aren't exactly made for bigger bodies, and finding something suitable to wear can be a bit of a challenge.

Then there’s the prospect of packing...

Whether you’ve found a beautiful apartment to rent in Marbella for Summer 2018, you’re heading off to the Caribbean, or you plan to spend Winter 2018 in Florida, packing is probably on your mind already.

If that’s the case, check out these plus-size packing tips that might help you to avoid the headache and put your mind at ease:

Image via Pixabay

Image via Pixabay

Only Bring the Essentials

Because plus-size travel clothes tend to be more fabric-heavy, they can take up more space in the suitcase, which is why it’s a good idea to go for a capsule wardrobe. Pack several pieces that can be mixed and matched in various ways and you’ll always look stylish, even if you don’t bring quite so many clothes along with you. Pack them in a handy packing cube set for better organization.

Lightweight Garments

Lightweight fabrics are a better choice not only because they weigh less and take up less space in your suitcase (bye-bye excess baggage charges!), but also because light fabrics will help keep you cool. They also dry faster when you wash them, which is nice when you're dealing with unfamiliar European-style washer-dryer combos that seem to take forever to dry!

Tank Tops

Tank tops are pretty much the perfect item of clothing for a plus-size girl's holiday. Why?

Well, first of all, the right tank top can expose just the right amount cleavage when you need it. But most importantly, you can wear them on their own or layer them with lightweight shawls, wraps, and kimono-style tops when you get cold or you want to look a little more dressed up.

Tunics and Leggings

Tunics and leggings are a plus size girl's best friend, especially when traveling. That's because they tend to be lightweight, skim the body in all of the right places, and offer slightly more coverage while keeping you cool when you're on the go. Just make sure that any leggings you pack, especially if you’re going to wear them a lot, have a wide waistband because they’re much less likely to dig in.


If you love shorts, then go for it! But capris are a great alternative because they show a little leg without making you feel more exposed than you might be comfortable with.

Supportive Swimsuits

Plus size ladies should rock their favorite swimsuit on the beach no matter the color or style, but if you have a bigger chest and prefer not to give everyone an eyeful, pack swimsuits with built-in support. Trust us on this one!

Vaseline (or Your Favorite Anti-Chafing Product)

If you’re one of the many plus size women whose thighs tend to chafe when you’re walking around and it’s hot, be sure to pack some Vaseline. Just make sure you adhere to airline regulations regarding carry-on items. Alternatively, you can buy some when you reach your destination. Vaseline is an important item to pack because it provides relief when applied to affected areas, so even if your thighs do rub together, you won’t experience that horrible burning pain.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it provides a general overview for what plus size travel clothing and essentials to include in your packing list. What other plus-size packing tips have you found helpful? Share them in the comments!

Disclosure: this is a contributed post.

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