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7 Light-Packing Tips for Those Plus Size Travel Clothes

7 Light-Packing Tips for Those Plus Size Travel Clothes

One of the most stressful parts of travel is packing. How do you know if you have enough? What if you forget something? Or, the most common issue, what if you take too much?

Many of us have fallen into the trap of packing too much for a vacation. When it comes to plus-size packing, we often struggle a bit more to pack light. Not only is there generally more material involved in plus size travel clothing, but we might feel as though we need extra options like cover-ups, which can lead to us paying for extra luggage.

Never fear, however, as here are seven plus size travel tips to help you pack lighter!

1. Mix and Match

Image via Pexels

Image via Pexels

In my previous plus-size packing tips post, I briefly touch upon packing the essentials. You need to ensure you have a capsule wardrobe that will allow you to mix and match with as little stress as possible. Neutral colors will help you do this, so try to avoid patterns, as they can be a lot harder to pair with something suitable. This is the perfect excuse to try on all your clothes and see what works with what!

2. Leave the Toiletries at Home

It always surprises me how many people pack so many toiletries to go on vacation! Unless you’re planning on visiting a deserted island, you’ll be able to pick up toiletries wherever you go. Sure, take the essentials with you (like sanitary products and makeup), but leave all those gift-set smellies at home.

3. Roll Your Clothes

There are some seriously cool travel hacks out there, and one of my favorites is the rolling your clothes trick. Pair up your separates, roll them up, and then secure them with a pair of socks. I also like to roll thinner tops in heftier plus size travel pants, essentially creating a ready-to-go outfit burrito. Why has it taken me years to learn this trick?! This is super handy for saving space in your suitcase.

4. Store Paperwork in a Folder

There is nothing worse than losing paperwork or having to lug it all around in your handbag. Grab yourself a clear folder and pop all your paperwork in there. Tickets, booking confirmations, travel insurance documents, photocopies of your passport—the whole lot. A folder will also keep paperwork from getting scrunched up in your luggage.

5. Think About Your Shoes

Image via  Pexels

Image via Pexels

Always wear your bulkiest shoes to the airport, even if that means you’ll be sashaying through the terminal in platforms. Remember, you don’t need 18 pairs of shoes in your luggage, so choose carefully. Flip-flops are always a must, plus some dressier flats. No more than one pair of heels, however, as they take up too much space.

6. Reduce Your Tech

Do you really need your camera, tablet, Kindle, laptop, AND phone? No, probably not. Save some space in your luggage and pack a little lighter by forgoing some of the technology. A Kindle can take the place of books, which is an added bonus. However, your phone can do everything that your laptop, tablet, and camera can do. Limit the amount of technology you take abroad, and maybe even use it as an excuse to unplug for a little while.

7. Make an Outfit List

My final piece of advice is this: always, always make a list of the clothing items you need for the entire trip. If you’re feeling really organized, you can even split the list into the different days of your vacation. What will you wear for each day and evening? Which shoes need to go with each outfit? How can you reuse certain pieces of clothing or shoes? Creating a list helps you pack precisely what you need so you’re not worried about packing too much stuff.

These are just a few of my tips for packing light, although there are plenty more great hacks out there. Maybe you’ve discovered one you don’t mind sharing. How do you pack light for your vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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