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Fat Camp 2018 + a Giveaway!

Hey there, curvy travelers!

I’ve been helping out with a major behind-the-scenes project over the last few months and I can finally reveal what’s been in the works.

If you’re part of the Fat Girls Traveling community on Facebook, you’ve probably already heard the news, but there’s an upcoming Fat Camp happening this August in the Blue Ridge Mountains! We’re talking a plus-size-only, no-diet-talk-allowed retreat in North Carolina with plus-size influencers like:

Next Stop: Mexico's Riviera Maya

I can’t count the number of times I’ve said I’d book a beach vacation when I lost weight. Hundreds? A thousand?

It was the same with our trip to London. I always said I’d travel when the weight dropped off and I felt comfortable in my own skin. My lifelong struggle with weight was holding me back, and the best thing I did last year was say to myself: to heck with it, let’s book this vacation!

2016 Travel Plans

Who else gets the urge to travel this time of year?

The travel bug bites hard in our house sometime in March, but it’s usually nothing a quick day trip to Cherokee or Pigeon Forge can’t cure. This year, though, our urge to travel has been made more urgent by the fact that the hubby and I were planning our trip to London this time last year. Experiencing a trip like that is amazing, but it only leaves you wanting to see more of the world. So, we’ve set our sights on another country this time...