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Review of Barry House Bed & Breakfast (or “A Plus Size Traveler's Experience with Historic London's Notoriously Small Toilets")

When planning a trip to London for three people (my brother, my husband Ty, and me), it was important to find a budget-friendly accommodation with a great location. A family room that could accommodate three adults and a full English breakfast were also at the top of my must-have list. This meant scouring the internet for weeks researching budget B&Bs and comparing reviews to see which one would be the best value.

The first thing I discovered was that there are a lot of budget B&Bs near King's Cross Station, and although that seemed like a convenient location, it wasn’t convenient for hauling our luggage from Heathrow on the Tube, especially considering this was going to be our first experience on a metro system of any kind. Don’t get me wrong, the Tube is the cheapest way to travel, but if you haven’t traveled much and it’s your first time in London, a more direct connection to your hotel is in order.

SKECHERS GOwalk 3 Review

A big reason for starting this blog, aside from wanting to share my travel experiences, was to provide reviews of the various travel essentials I've personally used or will be using in upcoming adventures. As a bigger girl, it can be harder to find comfortable, travel-appropriate clothing and footwear that’s also stylish and makes you feel confident. I've said before that I’m no fashionista, but I at least like to look put together even if I’m opting for comfy ensembles. Since my trip to London will require a lot of walking (I leave NEXT WEEK, by the way!!!!), I was on a quest to find the perfect pair of walking shoes.

I should note that I have knee and ankle issues going back to my childhood that can be worsened by poorly constructed shoes.