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London: A Big City For Big People

Every city in the world has its ups and downs. Whether a place doesn’t have adequate public transportation or it lacks roomy accommodation, it can be difficult to find places that meet your needs without conducting a lot of research beforehand.

Fortunately, there are loads of always to find out about a destination before you get on that plane or train. To help you out with this, this post will explore London, diving in to figure out what could make it a good or bad choice for a plus-size traveler.

Budgeting Tips To Help You Start Traveling Today

When it comes to dropping everything in order to travel and see the world, you probably put obstacles in your own way. We’re all guilty of that.

Maybe you’ve told yourself the cost of traveling would be too high and it’s just a pipe dream, but with some careful planning, you could easily afford any upcoming trips you have in mind. It’s all about choosing the right timing and researching options.

7 Airbnb Tips for First-Time Guests

After staying in a traditional bed-and-breakfast in London, then an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, I was craving an Airbnb experience for my next adventure. When the hubby and I decided to visit Edinburgh and Dublin, Airbnb was the only accommodation option I considered. Plus, I was a little late to the Airbnb game. I was an Airbnb virgin, so it was time.

I enjoyed it so much that I can see myself using Airbnb exclusively from now on. With that being said, it’s important to do Airbnb right so you won’t be disappointed or, in the worst-case scenario, feel unsafe.

Here are a few tips I learned from my own first-time Airbnb experience.