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London: A Big City For Big People

Every city in the world has its ups and downs. Whether a place doesn’t have adequate public transportation or it lacks roomy accommodation, it can be difficult to find places that meet your needs without conducting a lot of research beforehand.

Fortunately, there are loads of always to find out about a destination before you get on that plane or train. To help you out with this, this post will explore London, diving in to figure out what could make it a good or bad choice for a plus-size traveler.

The London Experience

There’s one thing I didn’t anticipate when coming up with the ambitious idea that I would update this blog daily during our London trip: how exhausting sightseeing can be!

London is an incredibly easy city to navigate with the well-planned Tube lines – so much so that I wish I lived and worked here just for the convenience – but I can’t even imagine how many miles we’ve walked since our arrival. Those trusty Skechers I raved about in my review weren’t meant to handle this amount of abuse, but at least I’ve slept like a rock every night. :)