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Interview with Anita from Passport Down South!

Traveling with a chronic condition like psoriatic arthritis takes some extra planning, but it hasn’t stopped our latest interviewee from seeing the world.

Anita Shuler is a Southern mom from Charleston who has traveled throughout the United States, Ireland, Canada, and the Caribbean. She started her blog Passport Down South to detail her adventures, and she hopes to inspire others to take on the world regardless of their medical challenges.

Interview with Lauren & Adrienne from The Plus Sized Globetrotter!

Did you know there’s a podcast for plus-size travelers?

The Plus Sized Globetrotter was started by travel buddies Adrienne Alwag and Lauren Suarez and is currently available on iTunes. Adrienne’s mother worked at an airline, so she grew up traveling, and Lauren works as an Expedia expert in Maui hotels. Together, these amazing ladies have started the first-ever dedicated plus-size travel podcast, and it’s well worth a listen!

Fortunately, I was able to interview these plus-size globetrotters as they were jet-setting to another destination together.

The London Experience

There’s one thing I didn’t anticipate when coming up with the ambitious idea that I would update this blog daily during our London trip: how exhausting sightseeing can be!

London is an incredibly easy city to navigate with the well-planned Tube lines – so much so that I wish I lived and worked here just for the convenience – but I can’t even imagine how many miles we’ve walked since our arrival. Those trusty Skechers I raved about in my review weren’t meant to handle this amount of abuse, but at least I’ve slept like a rock every night. :)