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Best Laid Plans

My last blog post in April announced our highly anticipated trip to the Riviera Maya. While I had planned on blogging while there to detail our trip (and I even wrote the first draft of a post from Mexico), things didn’t quite go as expected.

Unfortunately, the hubby and I got deathly ill shortly after we arrived. Okay, maybe not deathly ill, but it sure seemed like it.

Next Stop: Mexico's Riviera Maya

I can’t count the number of times I’ve said I’d book a beach vacation when I lost weight. Hundreds? A thousand?

It was the same with our trip to London. I always said I’d travel when the weight dropped off and I felt comfortable in my own skin. My lifelong struggle with weight was holding me back, and the best thing I did last year was say to myself: to heck with it, let’s book this vacation!