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Essential Plus-Size Packing Tips

Plus-size ladies can often find it more difficult to travel than most. The plane seats aren't exactly made for bigger bodies, and finding something suitable to wear can be a bit of a challenge.

Then there’s the prospect of packing...

Whether you’ve found a beautiful apartment to rent in Marbella for Summer 2018, you’re heading off to the Caribbean, or you plan to spend Winter 2018 in Florida, packing is probably on your mind already.

SKECHERS GOwalk 3 Review

A big reason for starting this blog, aside from wanting to share my travel experiences, was to provide reviews of the various travel essentials I've personally used or will be using in upcoming adventures. As a bigger girl, it can be harder to find comfortable, travel-appropriate clothing and footwear that’s also stylish and makes you feel confident. I've said before that I’m no fashionista, but I at least like to look put together even if I’m opting for comfy ensembles. Since my trip to London will require a lot of walking (I leave NEXT WEEK, by the way!!!!), I was on a quest to find the perfect pair of walking shoes.

I should note that I have knee and ankle issues going back to my childhood that can be worsened by poorly constructed shoes.