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Reclaiming My Own Power Through Travel

Growing up, my family wasn’t exactly the travel type of family. In fact, my first experience on a plane wasn't until I was 22. At that time, my job required me to fly to Dallas. This trip wasn't a vacation, but I would have a chance to see a new city.

It was my first taste of the travel life, and I had dreamed about this day forever!

As the trip approached, doubt and fear began to creep into my mind. Most of the stories I had heard about heavier people flying were terrifying. We’ve all heard them. . . the stories of heavier people having to purchase two seats just so they can fit, or of average-sized people getting angry because they feel too crowded sitting next to a heavier person. 

Bath, Stonehenge, and a Secret Place - Part 3

It was hard to leave Bath and its stunning Georgian architecture behind, but our tour group had places to go and big rocks to see. Yep, that’s right, our final stop was Stonehenge!  

Lucky for us, the rain that had dampened our entry into Bath had let up completely by the time we found ourselves in Wiltshire.

The sun was shining and the day had warmed up beautifully, but let me just stop you right there – this is Stonehenge we’re talking about, a very exposed Neolithic structure. Prior to our tour, The English Bus had sent out an email with specifics about our trip, and it emphasized just how exposed the monument is and how unpredictable the weather can be, so we were to come prepared. Although the day was gorgeous, I don’t think anything can quite prepare you for the sheer amount of wind at Stonehenge!

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Traveling overseas seemed like an unattainable dream. I talked about it, but it was just another one in a long list of things I’d only do if I lost weight. At least that’s what I always told myself.

To clarify, I've never not traveled. Quite a chunk of my childhood was spent sitting in the backseat of the car playing travel games with my brother as my daddy drove us north on I-75 to Michigan to visit my mama's family. I still have a rock I collected in Canada the day we crossed the border, just so we could say we’d been to another country. Other family vacations consisted of week-long getaways in the Great Smoky Mountains or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We were always going somewhere as I was growing up, and for that, I was grateful.